Client Testimonials

School Choice-“Dr. Brown was extremely knowledgeable about a number of private schools in our area, the different kinds of approaches they offered, and the level of diversity among the students and faculty, which was important to our family. She led us through a thinking process about what kind of school environment might be a “good fit” for our son, and for us. She helped us weigh the pros and cons of the various options.”

Coaching–“Dr. Brown has been an invaluable resource to our family. Whereas some educators overreact to certain behavioral issues, Dr. Brown brings mental and emotional steadiness to any issue. We have been working with Dr. Brown since 2009. In addition to her superior competence as a psychologist, her cultural perspective has proved to be a great bonus. Her contribution to the psychological understanding of issues related to culture, race, and ethnicity are a great bonus”

Workshops–“There’s always something to learn from Dr. Brown’s parenting workshops. I’ve attended workshops on issues such as managing bullying, fostering friendships, building resiliency, and relieving test anxiety. In every workshop Dr. Brown combines the latest psychological research with practical advice–and how to apply it to an individual child. Her workshops are a hidden gem– the chance to receive sound advice from a professional. At the heart of every workshop, Dr. Brown challenges parents like me to reaffirm or rethink my parenting.”

Counseling/Therapy–“I found Dr. Brown during the most difficult part of my life. I was angry and afraid. Dr. Brown helped me to acknowledge the actual problems. She worked hard to stabilize my emotions and motivate my thinking in addressing the issues. Most importantly, Dr. Brown made sure I had the proper coping mechanisms for my time away from therapy. Dr. Brown saved my life!”

Counseling/Therapy–“Dr. Brown’s steady guidance, coaching, and most importantly her compassion, have been extremely instrumental in helping our family navigate some of the most challenging times parents experience in raising their children. I recognized early on that my child would need someone to help manage her range of emotions in the most positive and constructive manner. Dr. Brown’s coaching helped my daughter develop practical skills for life, ranging from productively managing school studies to nurturing relationships with friends and family. Now a college graduate, my daughter recognizes she is the protagonist in her life’s story thanks to the help of Dr. Brown.