My purpose is to help you navigate life’s challenges more easily. In anyone’s life, including a child’s, challenges are unavoidable. The impact of these challenges can be small and seemingly of little consequence but persistently bothersome, or can interfere significantly with aspects of our lives, which we value most.

Sometimes the issues with which we struggle most are personal and internal, and at other times they seem external to ourselves, caused by other people or situations we encounter. We may experience self-doubt, question our personal relationships, feel anxious, sad or irritable. We may wonder how to handle a conflict we are experiencing in a close relationship, deal with a difficult work situation, help their child deal with a social or emotional issue, or cope with the stress of an aging or ill parent.

As parents you face the decision-making of how to choose the best school for your child and struggle to watch as they experience their own challenges throughout their childhood. There can be issues with friendships, bullying, low self-esteem, and dealing with academic, social or other challenges. And children and adolescents, like adults, can also experience sadness, depression and anxiety.

With some issues and for some people, only a brief consultation with a professional might be needed to meaningfully resolve the situation. In other cases, more strategic coaching may be indicated. And still in other circumstances, ongoing counseling is needed or can be very helpful. In any of these cases, my goal is to be an unbiased listener, providing you with non-judgmental guidance and solutions to everyday problems. All of these approaches focus on giving you insight into challenging situations, insight which your family and friends despite their care and concern might not possess or are unwilling to share with you.